ivfJinepol Women’s Health and IVF Clinic is a place where a close clinician-patient relationship can be established at a center where the latest technology and advancements are used.

in vitro fertilizationOur doctors take into consideration patients’ medical and financial situations when making decisions involving diagnosis and treatment.

women's healthLaboratory results are evaluated in detail and patients receive guidance best suited to their needs.

icsiOur staff maintains contact with our patients and aids you in making the best decisions regarding treatment. Jinepol Women’s Health and IVF Clinic is the best choice for you.

Jinepol Women's Health & IVF Clinic

Our Clinic was established in 1997 with Dr. Selim Senoz, Dr. Basak Direm, Dr. Figen Atesalp and Embryologist Ulku Coskunoglu Abadan as the founding team. We have been in service at the Levent location since 2006.

Jinepol is a clinic dedicated to women's health and infertility, structurally designed to fit the needs of an In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Laboratory and has been licensed by the Health Department of Turkey as Jinepol Women's Health and IVF Clinic.